If you are interested in the idea of Caring Activism, you might decide to start a Forum to support some vulnerable people where you live.You do not need anyone's permission to start a Forum and there is no formal qualification needed. A Forum is just a group of citizens sharing sincere concern for some local vulnerable people. They get together to see what they can do to help.


I am sure you already have a group of people in mind; perhaps frail elderly people, perhaps teenagers with learning disability stuck at home, perhaps struggling parents with disabled or terminally ill children.


You will need to decide what the locality will be for the Forum. Start small and then grow if you need to. Is it a village, a neighbourhood in a town, a district in a city, a housing estate, a refugee community - or just your street?


You will gain strength and ideas by getting other people to join you in a new local Forum.  They will need to know what exactly the Forum is for and what sort of work they will have to do if they get involved.


Here is an outline for an information sheet you can give to interested people. Please adapt it to your situation. It will be helpful if someone buys a copy of Caring Activism: A 21st century concept of care because this answers most of the questions about Caring Activism and the work of Forums.

Click to download a word document version of the outline or copy and paste from below:


Dear ……,


I am very concerned about (…the particular group of vulnerable people) who live in (…the locality you have chosen). I am starting a Caring Activist Forum to see what we can do to support them.  Will you come and join me? I know I cannot do it on my own.


Caring Activism is a new movement to support vulnerable people who are getting no support or very little relevant support from local services, family or friends. They are more or less abandoned and left to struggle as best they can on their own. People become Caring Activists because they feel they have some responsibility to their fellow citizens when they are in need.


Caring Activists can be in a Forum or a Team. Each vulnerable person has their own small Team to offer companionship and relevant practical support. A Forum watches over a group of local vulnerable people and helps get a Team around each one of them. Caring Activists are not paid and they are not told what to do by anyone else – they act with each other on their own collective decisions. 


Of course, each vulnerable person is a leading member of their own Team and nothing happens without their consent. When a vulnerable person cannot for some reason take part in Team discussions, then people most close to them are involved.  


In Caring Activism, no one does anything on their own. The collective discussions in Forums and Teams lead to shared actions and mutual support.


Do you think you would like to help me start a new Forum? There is more information at www.caringactivism.com and a book called Caring Activism: A 21st century concept of care which (…I can show you …or we could buy together).


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